Introduction: Greenhouse From Wooden Stirrers

Welcome to my instructable!

In this I am going to show you how to build an easy and simple yet effective greenhouse for multi-cell plant tray. This greenhouse can be used to trap moisture, humidity and hence shorten the seed germination process.

The finished greenhouse is approx. 28 x 11 x 14 cms [outer dimensions] and fits well in the 2 x 5 cell tray with dimensions 28 x 11 cms.

Step 1: Materials & Tools

• 30 wooden coffee stirrers [Approx. 14cms in length]
• Cling film [Approx. 2 x A4 size sheet]

• Marker pen/pencil
• Ruler/Scale
• PVA Craft Glue
• Cutter
• Kitchen clips

Step 2: Make Joint Members

• Pick 2 stirrers
• Using ruler and marker pen/pencil, divide each of the stirrer into 7 equal parts [Approx. 2cms each]
• Using the cutter, cut out the marked 7 parts from the 2 stirrers

Step 3: Making the Frame Members

• Pick 4 stirrers and 3 joint members
• Apply glue to all 3 joint members
• Use these joint members [1 in the centre and other 2 at the right and left corners ] glue the 4 stirrers together
• Hold this assembly using your fingers or using 3 kitchen clips and allow it to dry
• Repeat above procedure to make another 3 frame members

Note: You need only 12 joint members

Step 4: Making the Brackets

• Pick 4 stirrers
• Using ruler and marker pen/pencil, mark 2cms inside from both ends
• Caution below steps are slightly tricky
• Using the cutter, make a slight cut on the marked lines on all 4 stirrers. Remember not to cut through the stirrers
• On the reverse side of the stirrers, using your thumbs gently press on the marked line and simultaneous using the index fingers bring the edge inside

Step 5: Gluing Brackets to Frame Members

• Pick 2 frame members and 2 brackets
• Apply glue to both ends of the bracket [2cms strip]
• Slightly adjust the ends of the bracket so as to make 90 degree angle between the 2 sides of the bracket
• Carefully glue the bracket to both the frame members on one side. Use your fingers or kitchen clips to hold the assembly together and allow it to dry. Repeat this to glue the other bracket to other side of the frame members
• Repeat above procedure using other 2 brackets and frame members

Step 6: Fixing the Legs

• Pick 8 stirrers
• Apply glue on both sides on one end on each of the stirrers
• Carefully slide the glue side of the 8 stirrers in one frame and keep them as close as possible to the joints. Note, as there is no proper support for these stirrers [legs] yet, they might tend to fall
• Pick the other frame and carefully slide legs through this frame making sure approx. 6cms on each of the legs show up
• Apply glue at the joints where the upper frame and the legs meet so that the frame does not slip down

Step 7: Wrapping the Cling Film

• Wrap the cling film on all sides except the bottom
• Make the greenhouse stand on the legs

Hooray, your greenhouse is ready to go on to the cell tray!
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