Introduction: Grell Glasses Chain (black Butler)

Easy to make Grell Sutcliff glasses chain.Grell the reaper from Black Butler manga and anime.Great for cos play:D 
You will need:
-2 skull beads
-about 20 small red beads (more depending on length you want)
-lots of crimp beads
-Bead stringing wire
-2 smaller beads
I don't have any red glasses but i ought to get some BD

Step 1:

Cut the stringing wire double the size you want it and fold it in half.Slide a crimp bead over the end and measure the distance you  will need it away from the end using the glasses arm. When you have decided the right position crimp using pliers into place. 

Step 2: Step2

Place one of the skull beads on the beading wire and add a crimp bead under it.Make sure the crimp beads are closed tight.Add another crimp bead about two center meters down. 

Step 3: Step3

Put a small red bead on the wire and add a crimp bead underneath. Keep going adding beads every 2 center meters. 

Step 4: Step4

To create another end put a crimp bead then a skull bead and another crimp bead on the wire and bend the ends through.Make the loop hte size you want then close the crimp beads with pliers.Then chop the excess wire off.

Step 5: Finnish

You are almost done to finish off put a small bead over the end of the loop this will stop the glasses falling off.
Enjoy ;)