Introduction: Grim Reaper Decoration

Make a cheap, easy and scary decoration for Halloween.


-Chicken Wire


-Plastic hands (optional)

-Basketball (optional)

-Light (optional)

-Spray Paint (optional)

Step 1: Form the Shape

Form the chicken wire into a head/shoulder shape. I cut a piece of chicken wire about 5 feet long for the head and shoulders. I used a basketball to shape the head, pushing the chicken wire onto the ground to round off around the basketball. I then rounded off "shoulders" and made rounded parts for arms.

I spray painted this chicken wire black so that it would "disappear" when black fabric was put over it.

Step 2: Drape the Material

I used a 4 yard piece of Halloween material that I purchased from a fabric store. I draped the material so that it looked like a hood and covered the arms. Having the chicken wire sprayed black and leaving the material like a hood, makes for a "no face" character.
I added Dollar Tree plastic hands to the end of the "arms" and hung the material around the hands. *This is optional; the arms with material would look just fine, too.

We screwed the shape to a wooden cross structure we made and stuck it into the ground. We put this behind a wooden box with a red LED light shining up so at night it glows red.

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