Makey Makey Plot Line

Introduction: Makey Makey Plot Line

Use simple supplies to make a reusable and interactive Make-Makey plot line.


Copper tape
Metal brads
Makey Makey
Additional Alligator Clips
Computer with Scratch

Step 1: Draw Plot Line and Place Metal Brads

Draw and label the part of a plot line on a piece of cardboard. Place metal brads along the plot line.

I added the following Brads to the plot line:
1 point for exposition
1 point for complicating/inciting incident
4 points for rising action
1 point for climax
1 point for Falling action
1 point for resolution/denouement

Step 2: Add Copper Tape

Apply copper tape on the back of the cardboard from the brads wrapped around to the front. Extending the tape to come onto the front will give a solid place for the alligator clips to be attached.

Step 3: Record and Code Scratch

Go to Record short clips detailing the events of a text. Add recording to codes created in Scratch, setting the recording to different cues on the Makey. Attach alligator clips to the plot line board and Makey.

Step 4: Share and Repeat

Share the uniquely created and interactive version of the story’s plot line.

Reuse the board for ANY story, recording new story descriptions and coding to scratch. This can be used again and again for literally ANY story/text.

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    2 years ago

    Great project, jessiestanley! Thanks for sharing this with the teacher community!


    Reply 2 years ago

    Yay! Glad you like it! I've been so pleased with it! And it can be universally used for short stories or novels. My kids have gotten very good at making them! :)