Grommet Boots



Introduction: Grommet Boots

Quick tutorial on how to grommet. This example shows the replacement of lace hooks with grommets on a pair of boot, but grommets can be applied to any number of items.

Step 1: Remove Lace Hooks

Use a needle nose pliers to remove the lace hooks from the boot.

Step 2: Grommet

Place the longer grommet with the smaller diameter through the outside of the boot. Place the larger diameter grommet on the inside of the boot. Place the setting die over the outside boot grommet and set on a solid surface.

Step 3: Punch

Place the insert punch onto the inside grommet and give it a few taps with a hammer. Hard enough to fasten the grommet in place, but not so hard as to deform the grommet.

Step 4: Lace

Lace up the boots.

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