Introduction: Growing Gourds for Fall at No Cost

At Halloween, the supermarkets charge extra for gourds. If you want gourds for decoration, then this will show you how to grow your own gourds for no charge! The only expense will be the gourd you buy in the beginning. For buying one gourd you can get around 25 (depending on how much space you have). I got around 50 with 300 feet squared of land. They take over the area you put them in really fast, so I recommend putting them in a small fenced area away from other plants. I had two plants that covered half of my 600 foot area.

Step 1: Getting the Seeds

First, you have to go to the store and get one gourd. It can be any gourd it doesn't matter how it looks. Take the gourd home and leave it out to dry. When the gourd is dry take a hammer and crack it open. Inside will be seeds. Take the big fat seeds and put them in a pile. These are the seeds that you will use to plant. You need two plant to pollinate and any more will take over all the land you put them in, so plant a whole seed tray and pick out the bad ones, plant the two best ones in the ground.

Step 2: Growing

Recommended planting time is the same time you plant tomatoes, depending what region your in it will differ. Just fertilize and water regularly and grow the plant until it flowers. Then, when the gourds are regular size pick them with clippers to get all the stem. After the plant is done producing pick it out of the ground. If you don't it will come back all over next year. Soon I hope to make another instructable on how to use the gourds. Warning- do not eat the gourds, as far as I know, they are not edible. If you regularly t gourds, or know they are edible, feel free to enjoy them.

Step 3: The Gourds

These plants produced a lot of gourds. They are good for decoration, and are appropriate for the fall season. Happy Halloween!

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