Introduction: HAVE a GOOD NIGHT

HEYYYY Guys, here I am to bring you something new of sleeping night to make you have a better sleeping quality. You probably think that I was too crazy and spare to make this stuff. Actually, I'm a person who loves to make some handmade works. For this night light, I made some improvements and changed from another person's creative project. I make a better look on it's box and make it not to sparkle in the whole night.

Resources refer from:

Let's do the set up first! You will need:

1.A computer with downloaded Arduino app

2.A paper box(Any size you like):

you can easily get one from online shopping

3.An Arduino and an electronic board(they are one of the main characters today):

4.A scissors, and a cutting knife, also a huge tape:

you can them from stationery shops simply

5.A USB charging cable:

6.A MAC converter(If you got a new MAC, you might need it):

7.A paper box(It will be better to put your Arduino in the paper box than plastic or other materials):

get it from online shopping or use a shoe box:)

8.Some cardboard(they will be helpful if your box is too big for your Arduino):

pick up any huge paper box and cut them into 4 pieces would be fine

9.Some double-sided tape:

stationery shops will be getting them easily

10.3 LED light bulbs:

11. Some wire:

12. 4 resistances:

13.A photoresistance:

14.A matte plastic bag(small size will be fine):

stationery shops can get them easily

Then we may start this adorable work!

Step 1: Set Up

Here we got our lovely Arduino and electronic board. Then, we will need to put on the light bulbs first! Make sure they don't leave to far away from each other, two holes are enough. Then put on the wires, resistances, and photoresistance. You can follow the picture I put above to make sure you don't burn your light bulbs.

Step 2: Code for the Light

Guys, for making the small light with Arduino, never forget the coding for it! It's Just a simple code for the light. Just type them as I did in your Arduino app and uploaded in your Arduino for working on the lighting them up!!

Check my codes on the official website:

Step 3: Make a Home for Your Arduino!

To make sure that your Arduino doesn't run around in the box, we will have to make a perfect hole for it! I suggest that you can use a hard cardboard or abandoned paper box. Cut some part of it and stick into your paper box, to make sure your Arduino will have a lovely bed, don't forget to size it first. Then, cut off the board, make it triple!!! Your Arduino will be just in case in the hole.

Step 4: Don't Forget to Make a Hole for Connecting the Electronic Power!!!

If you don't have any battery inside to provide the power to your light, never forget to make a hole to connect the power!!! Remember to make a hole for your small light!!!

Also, never forget to dig a hole for your lights, please!!! Or it won't be light.

Step 5: Make a Cover for Your Light

It will be too bright if we don't make a cover for it. So, we can use a matte plastic bag or something that is transparent and suitable for it. If you want to make less cost, a small size matte plastic bag will be a good choice.

Stick on the other side of the hole for your lights. It will be better than you haven't covered it. :)

Step 6: FINAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FINALLY!!!!!!! It's our last step for the lovely sleeping light!

Here, we can use paints, color paper, or any decoration for outside of the paper box! I'mma paint it yellow and write a few words because the paint isn't enough for covering the words on the box. It's becoming perfect now!!!

Make your light and share it with me!!! I'd be looking forward to your works!!!

At last, thanks for watching all the article done, I'll try to make some later. Please be patient for me THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!