Introduction: TATA Lamp

This article is for ARMYS!!! People who love BTS, especially member V.

"Who is TATA?" I guess that you might have this question, this all needs to begin with the one of the most favorite male Kpop group from South Korea. BTS, a group was made up of seven cute young boys, who can dance really well and have great voices and rapping.

Anyways, the picture above which was a red, heart-shaped head and wearing dark blue clothing with yellow dots on it. Today, I am going to show you how to make a lamp of TATA!


You will need:

-some A4 paper

-scissors, and a cutting knife

-a glue, hot glue

-some pieces of hard boxes

-some colorful markers (the most you need are: red, dark blue, and yellow)

-a computer which downloaded Arduino app

-an Arduino board

-3 LED lights (white light will be your best choice)

-some resistances (at least 3)

-some wires(black and red are good choices)

-your creativity

-your good making hands

Let's get started if you're ready!!!

Step 1: Step 1: Get the Electrical Circuit Done

Arduino codes of making the cute lamp

➡️Down load this version of Arduino Blocks➡️

Here is the code of how I make the light shine really really bright. Please go and check it out, I have put it on the official website of Arduino. First, get your codes done, it will be easier for you after all. Then, here's how you do the electrical circuit. It might be easier if you do with the Arduino Blocks, easier than typing a lot of complex codes on your computer.

You have to put on the "delay" to separate the circuit of three lights, or it might break them or the board. Therefore, BE CAREFUL when you're doing it, it might be broken if you're not being focus. Make sure you make them go to the right place and don't get them wrong!!

Step 2: Step 2-1: Making TATA

The Head of TATA:

First, cut one of the A4 paper into half size. Then, roll it, into a roll and glue it. The next, cut some off, like the third photo. BE CAREFUL NOT TO CUT OFF TOO MUCH!!! It would become a disaster if you cut too much part off, the head of TATA will be too short and small, so make sure not to cut off more than 2 centimeters!!!

Secondly, cut four lines at each side of the paper roll. It'll be like a compass of four directions. Then, cut two triangles at both sides (try as much as you can to cut off the same sizes), and glues the two rectangles at the sides of the triangles. It will look like a heart shape.

Third, color it. You can color it by finishing this step, or at the last before modeling it. It's all up to you. But please make sure that TATA is a character which it's head is red, and the mouth is yellow. Don't do it in dark blue!!!

Step 3: Step 2-2: Making TATA

Making TATA's Body:

First, make another paper roll. But this time, make a smaller roll so that its head won't be smaller than the body. So, cut a line to make its hands on both sides. Then, it's done!!!

At last, model the head and the body together, the shape of TATA is done!!! By the way, don't forget to color it. The red head and yellow mouth, dark blue body with yellow dots. A TATA is done~~~

Step 4: Step 3: Make a Basement

To keep your board and the electrical circuit under, not letting them showing ahead. We need to make a box to keep them inside, instead of putting in a plastic box, make one by your creative hands would be better. In order to make the box, make sure that your hot glue gun is ready.

First, size a big box into six pieces. The sizes are below: 20X30, 30X10, 20X10 (every piece should have two to make a box as well). Cut them off from it, then get the hot glue gun ready. Glue them at the edge of the pieces, put them together and beware each angle has to be right angles or your box will be really ugly.

After all, the box is ready and we can put whole things together!!!

Step 5: Step 4: Making It Perfect

To make whole things up isn't easy, but as long as you were really focused on this, it will be as perfect as you thought, or more than you thought!

First of piecing them, make a hole on one of the biggest sides of your box. So that you can put your cute paper TATA inside the box and won't fall off from it. Then, find a big piece of color paper to cover your box and decorate it. At last, your TATA lamp is finally done!!! DON'T FORGET TO COLOR THE PLACE YOU WANT IT TO BE!!! TATA ISN'T A WHITE CHARACTER!!!