Introduction: HOMEMADE Hydrogen Generator

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I have been trying to make a hydrogen generator for a very long time and finally success.

This generator produces both oxygen and hydrogen and it is powered by two solar panels.A mixture of hydrogen and oxygen is highly explosive, so be careful not to accumulate too much of it in any bottle then light a match to it.

NOTE: Author is not responsible for any damage incurred by following this instructable.

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Step 1: Making the Terminals.

Hold 10 steel scales in hand vise and drill it with a 3/16 drill bit inch 7 inch and 3 inches.

Be very careful sometimes scales swing while drilling

Rub the drilled scales with a sand paper(should be highly rough) to make scratches on the scales, this increases the

area for hydrogen-oxygen production.

after this put the scales on to screws in scale than nut then scale and so on arrangement.(picture 5 and 6)

Step 2: Making the Cap

I sawed off the screwable cap from the elbow visible in picture 2. then drill small holes in the cap as in picture 1.

Add a bicycle tyre air plug into the middle hole (the other two are for bolts which will be used as terminal connectors in picture ) use an air proof washer as well.

Step 3: Attaching the Terminals.

take the two terminals and put a piece of PVC plastic (cut from a PVC pipe:0) in between them the attach them using, add the threaded part of the cap to the 3-inch pipe and put some hot glue around it to prevent the escape of the gases. add two bolts to the other holes use washers and water proof washers to make a terminal from which gases cannot escape. use a piece of wire to connect the bolt(wire should have been wound around the flat end of the hold before putting it into the cap) and the terminals.attach a 5-meter wire to each bolt and its done.

Step 4: Attach the Gas Pipe

Attach a gas pipe on to the bicycle tyre plug and use a small clip to make sure none of the gases escape.

Step 5: MAKING Some Hydrogen.(and Oxygen)

Attach the hydrogen generator to 2 solar panels or any other 12 volt supply.(seek some expert advice regarding this:). and hydrogen will be produced.Dip the end of the gas pipe into some water and when bubbles are produced put a lit match to it and hear the pop sound :::;:::) a multi eyed smiley.

I have heard that hydrogen can be used to power cars, stoves and all kind of other stuff so wait till I figure it out

Step 6: Bonus Video/Music

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