Introduction: MAKING a Katana-Samurai Sword From Scrap!

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Hi Guys.

This is an Instructable on how to make a Samurai Sword (Better known as Katana).

To begin with, meticulously See all local Laws before attempting to make this Project.Also note that I do not take responsiblity for waht ever you do with the instructions contained in this Instructable. Attempt all Projects at your own Risk.

Technical Data;

Blade Length: 81 cm

Handle Length:23 cm

Total metal Piece length: 104 cm

metal Thickness: 5mm

metal Width: 1.5 inches (or less I guess)

Time required to make this Project: 1 Week

Step 1: Watch the Video

I cannot completely Explain the Process for the making in this Instructable because word are no substitute for the video.

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Step 2: Making the Forge and Forging the Blade in It.

I used some bricks and clay to make the forge for this Sword.

Actually the forge was simply meant to give a nice bend to the sword to make it look like a Katana.If you place the coal carefully (I used wood because Wood is cheaper than Coal, Just 8 cents per Kilogram while coal is 50 cents/Kg):p. than you can uniformly heat the sword in the forge but it was immaterial since the Piece of metal I used was already thin enough and almost like a Sword.Just heat the Metal till it glows and Hit it like a sword on a hard Surface to bend the blade.

Step 3: Sharpening the Balde

Use an angle Grinder to grind the edge of this sword and then Use a Sand paper disc to smoothen the balde Use the same disc to polish the blade

Step 4: Futile Attempt to Harden the Blade

I attempted to harden the blade by heating it in the forge and then pouring Engine Oil Over it but it did not work because You have to heat the blade till it glows red Hot and then dip it in engine oil to Harden it.

Nonetheless I am still felicitous with an unhardened Sword since I don't want to sharpen it like a real Katana neither do I want to fight with it in real.

Step 5: Making the Hand Guard

HAND Guard is a very important part of a Katana. Its called Tsuba in Japanese.Google "Tsuba Designs" and pick your favorite one.

I made a simple Tsuba by Make a circle onto a Steel sheet and then Cutting it out with an angle grinder.I made notch for the blade to pass through the tsuba by making a straight cut in the centre of Tsuba.

Step 6: Making the Blade.

To make the Blade,Called Kashira in Japanese grind down the sided of the end of the metal piece to make a place for the handle.use a cutter and a metallic file to grind down a notch for the handle in a block of wood. Attach the two wood to the blade by screws and cut out the excess. Attach the Sandpaper disc to the angle grinder and use it to carve out the handle.Attach the Tsuba and then use a metal sheet to secure it in place.

I colored the handle white with spray paint.

Step 7: Making the Design on Kashira. Watch This Video.

I made the design using my own method of wrapping the fabric around the handle which did work but it,s not the right method.I did not make a sheath for the sword instead I wrapped it in fabric.Use water filled bottles to test the sword.

Step 8: Some of My Other Projects

Step 9: My "New" YouTube Channel.

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