Introduction: Non_Contact Current Detector

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I copied the project from this guy so I am giving him credits in the first Step

Before making the voltage/current detector analyse and study the circuit diagram in this video

Step 1: Things You'll Need

This is a very simple elctronic project so all the things you'll need will be easily available from local electronic Store.

you'll need:

1_NPN C945 Transistor

2_LED Light 5mm

3_30 cm long Copper wire

4_1k ohm Resistor

5_a 9 volt battery

6_non-working/dead 9 volt battery to get out the top terminals which will be used to connect the current detector to the battery

Step 2: Putting It All Together_Watch the Video

I guess the video explains this step, i did not explain the circuit diagram in my video so refer to the other video for that

Step 3: Testing It Out

This current/voltage detector can be used to detect 220 volts AC Current

Step 4: My "new" YouTube Channel.

My previous YouTube channel was taken down due to some copy right claims so I made a new one. This is the LInk