I Made a Microscope With My Cell Phone!

Introduction: I Made a Microscope With My Cell Phone!

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Hi Guys

Here's a simple instructable to turn your phone into microscope which will even enable you to have a peek at Bacteria (If you use an I phone or a cell phone with a much better camera).

I used it to look at Sugar crystals,Salt crystals and also at House Fly.

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Step 1: Setting the Lens in Focus

Firstly you'll have to salvage the lens from a cheap Laser by opening up the laser and taking out the lens.Next using a duct tape/any kind of tape hook the lens onto the camera of your mobile Phone.

Step 2: Use a Camera Stand to Focus Onto the Specimen.

Place a circular rim of a torch on a Light Bulb(it's better if you use a white bulb) and place the microscopic slide on top of it next place the specimen which you wish to examine on top of the slide and use a camera stand to focus the lens onto the specimen.

Step 3: Now You Have Your Own Microscope!

I am Sharing the images of the things I saw with my Microscope,It'll be great if you too share your images with everyone in the comment box below.Have fun!

Step 4: BONUS Step:You Can See Microbes With a Toy Laser!

I was too lazy to make a whole instructable regarding this Project so I am just hooking the video of the Project,be sure to Subscribe to my Channel for more cool Projects.

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