Introduction: HOT Healing Herbal Oil!

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hey guys , today i will be teaching you how to make a healing oil that i have finaly perfected!

lets get into it , hope you enjoy.

Step 1: Herbs and Ingredients

for th healing oil you can realy use any herb , although mine has been perfected for muscle and joint pain as it provides a wamth from the chilli and the herbs get absorbed into the skin .

  • cardamon pods
  • mint
  • cloves
  • aniseed
  • pepper
  • chilli flakes
  • bay leaf
  • any organic oil
  • and any extra herbs or spices you would like.
  • habenaro chilli
  • garlic clove



crunch all the herbs in a bowl before adding oil to the container.

when all the cloves and herbs have been broken add to a small container (like mine) and gently pour canola oil ontop just anough to cover the mix to ensure a strong oil.

Step 3: Chilli and Garlic Is a HOT Mix

if u want int to be warm on the skin add

  • 1 chopped habenaro
  • 1sliced garlic clove
add to the oil and leave for 5 days for the infusement.
you can keep the ingredients in the oil or use a coffe filter to make a clear oil.

Step 4: Hope You Enjoy !

i hope you enjoyed this isnstructable , be free to ask me any queastions .

leave the oil salm for about 5 days before use.

thankyou again and i hope you enjoyed it. "oh and please vote for me"

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