Halloween Castle (for Lego Figures)

Introduction: Halloween Castle (for Lego Figures)

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Earlier this year, I made this castle for my Lego dragons. Then I made a second castle and some felt dragon puppets to go inside. My grandchildren have had a lot of fun with the felt castles, and so, when one of them began playing with my Halloween Lego skeletons, I decided to make a new version of the castle.

This one is smaller, and Halloween black. It is also constructed in a different manner than the first. Felt on the outside gets worn quickly. So for this model, the felt is sandwiched between two layers of plastic canvas.

Step 1: Cut the Canvas

Cut TWO front pieces.

Cut TWO back pieces.

Cut EIGHT side pieces.

Step 2: Cut the Felt.

Using the same pattern, cut six pieces of felt, as shown in the illustration.

Step 3: Sandwich Felt Between Plastic Canvas.

Step 4: Sew the Pieces Together

NOTE: I used yarn, and felt pieces slightly smaller than the canvas, in this example.

HOWEVER: For the last piece, I used the same-size-felt, small-needle-strong-thread-instead-of-yarn method. It's MUCH simpler and gives a better product!

BUT: Black thread on black canvas doesn't show up very well, so this illustration is better for the instructions!

Step 5: Cut Out the Windows. Cut the Felt to Form Doors.

Use very sharp scissors to cut out the windows and to cut two doors.

Step 6: Make It Fancier?

If you want to get fancy, you can stitch canvas to each small door, or glue on toothpicks, painted black...

Step 7: Let Your Skeleton Test the Door....

Step 8: Sew the Castle Together.

When sewn together, the castle can be collapsed for storage.

ONCE AGAIN: the illustration shows yarn and a clear plastic canvas inside.

The castle is much cooler with black canvas inside, too. And the better method is to use strong thread and a sharp needle instead of yarn.

But black thread on black canvas.... not as easy to shown when illustrating the process!

Step 9: Play or Display!

Add your Lego figures. (Or any other Halloween miniatures you may have.)


Or just DISPLAY!

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