Introduction: Halloween Decoration in SelfCAD

Create simple halloween decorations.
You can also watch a video of how they were created and printed.

Step 1: Reference Image

Use Reference image add pictures

Step 2: Add Pictures

Download the picture from Internet

Step 3: Move

Use Move tool and spread the pictures

Step 4: Draw

Use Free Hand - Spline - Smoothness - Draw

Draw only half of the bat , like on a slide

Step 5: End Drowing

The result should match the slide.

Step 6: Mirror

Use a Mirror , choose the right side .

Step 7: Alignment

Use Move and Rotate tools to achieve the result as on a slide

Step 8: Merge Objects

Select all objects and use Merge Objects

Step 9: The Bat Is Ready

The bat is ready to print. Now let's make our pumpkin

Step 10: Pumpkin

Use Free Hand and use the bat settings

Step 11: Pumpkin Holes

Use Free Hand and select Erase. We cut eyes and mouth

Step 12: Pumpkin and Bat Are Ready

Now we can print our simple models and decorate something

Step 13: Result

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