Introduction: Halloween Fake Wounds

For this Halloween I have made many fake wounds.They are easy to apply and take off as the wax is easily moulded into any shape needed ;and these wounds can be done with glue instead of wax, if you were on a budget.


-Special FX / modelling wax(I used 'Snazaroo')

-Paints/Nail polish (Shades of red)



-Brushes/art supplies(palette knives, spatulas etc.)

-Surface to make the wound on(I have used an old plastic page divider/wallet)

Step 1: Begin to Mold the Wax

To begin ,I used small amounts of the wax and built it up in layers until I got to a shape and size I wanted.

Mine is about ,5 cm length ways and 2 cm across, this is so it would fit on a hand or wrist.

Step 2: Decide on the Cut Size and Shape

For my cut i have done a simple slash wound with my art tools which give it a clean and deep look to the cut.

You can do different cuts, such as claw marks or razor cut but i have done a more simple version.

Step 3: Begin Adding Layers of Colour and Shading

For the colour of the wound I used nail polish to give a shine to the wound-similar to the effect dried blood can have.

I have also layered up the nail polish in the centre of the wound, where the cut is as well as adding a darker shade of nail polish to the very middle of the cut.

Step 4: Add Extras Eg. Stitching or Pus

As for extras on my wound,I have added stitching to give the effect of a serious wound,and to emphasise to amount of blood on the wound.

Step 5: Choose a Position on the Body

I have chosen to put my wound on my wrist, as it is a size which takes up most of my wrist and makes the wound look more serious.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

For the finishing touches I have moulded the edges of the wax into the skin(with my fingers) to make it seem more realistic,as well as adding some drips of blood from the wound.

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