Introduction: Halloween Hat

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Material :

  1. Thermocol sheet
  2. Marker
  3. Cutter
  4. White Glue
  5. Old News Paper
  6. Brown and Black Poster color
  7. Chart Paper
  8. Brush
  9. Red LED
  10. LR44 Batteries
  11. Black Tape
  12. Fine Sand Paper
  13. Double Sided Tape
  14. Scissor

Step 1: Making the Structure.

  1. Place White Glue on Thermocol sheets and stack them on top of each other.
  2. Put some weight on them and leave for a night.
  3. Next day, draw shape of basic hat on structure by seeing the image.
  4. Start peeling the structure until you get the desired form.
  5. Start making the wrinkles and eyebrow part carefully by drawing it.
  6. When the structure complete, rub the whole structure with fine wooden sandpaper.
  7. See video for making structure.

Step 2: Make the Surface Smooth

  1. Take a Chart paper, place our made structure on it and roughly draw circle on it for cap.
  2. Cut it with scissor. Make copy of it and put them together and stick the corners with masking tape.
  3. Make a hole at center then stick the structure and chat paper part with glue.
  4. Take White Glue and Water equally, and mix well.
  5. Cut News paper or any paper in small random sizes.
  6. Apply Glue and Water paste with brush and then stick news paper piece on structure and again apply paste on it.
  7. Continuously do it until all the structure covers with paper.
  8. Let it dry for some hours.

Step 3: Paint It.

  1. Brown and Black Posters Colors.
  2. Apply brown poster color on all the surface.
  3. Mix brown and black color and make shades around eyes,mouth.

Step 4: Eyes Glow

  1. Blur the LED with fine sandpaper just to reduce the spikes of light.
  2. Grab the battery positive side over negative side to increase the voltage (1.5v + 1.5 = 3 volts)
  3. Bind it with Black Tape (Any general tape will work).
  4. Put LED positive terminal (long leg, Anode) on battery positive side and LED Negative terminal (short leg,Cathode) on battery negative side.
  5. When the LED become on bind it tightly with tape.
  6. Make another one for second eye.
  7. Finally, Stick double sided tape on battery and stick inside the eyes area.

Step 5: Video

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