Introduction: Halloween Pumpkin Planter

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Hello everyone!!!

I am here to share a project which is kids friendly. I have made Pumpkin Planter for Halloween. Kids can easily make this for their Halloween. I have taken some easy steps. I have taken a used container for recycling.

Also, this cute planter help them to increase love for nature.


To make this easy and kids friendly project. We need-

  • A container or bottle, Here I used container for recycling
  • Colors
  • Pencil
  • Brushes
  • Plant

Step 1: Whitening

I have to color the container as white. White color helps to remove the container's basic color. White color coating helps you to coat another color easily. Every color blooms on white coating.

Then I keep the container aside to dry it.

Step 2: Make a Pumpkin Color

When the white color became dried, I put on a deep orange color on the container so that the container's color look like as a pumpkin.

I have to coated it three times for the best result.

Then again I took the container aside to dry it.

Step 3: Sketch the Face

When the color became dried, took a pencil. I made the the eyes, noses and mouth as a free hand drawing.

Because of the Halloween season I preferred a frightening face. But, I have to keep in my mind that this should be kids friendly.

So, I give it a cute frightening face.

Step 4: Color the Face

I have to color the eyes, nose, lips and eyebrows. For Halloween, I preferred to take black color and color it with the slim brush.

Step 5: Planting the Plant

This is the last step.

Take some soil to plant your favorite one. Put the soil on the container and plant it.

Here, I took a small snake plant.

These are all for my instructables for Halloween.

Hope, you all like it.

Thank you.

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