Introduction: Halloween Serving Table

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Materials You Will Need:

  • PVC (Width and height will vary depending on how large your table is)
  • Fake Bones
  • Acrylic Paint (Black, and White)
  • Two Pieces of Wood (Will vary depending on how large your table is)
  • Black Spray Paint
  • Hot Glue Sticks
  • Two Pieces of Identical Circular Wood The Width of Your PVC
  • Screws
  • Serving Tray

Tools You Will Need:

  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Drill/Electric Screwdriver
  • Paint Roller
  • X-Carve
  • Sandpaper/Sander
  • Thin Paint Brush

Step 1: Getting Started

The first thing that you'll need to do is buy the basic materials that you will need to build this. The first thing I did was find two fairly large pieces of wood. Depending on how large your table will be, the wood size will vary. The next thing you will want to do is find the PVC. I found that a good length of PVC is three feet high, the width will vary on how large your table will be.

The next thing you will want to do is sketch the outlines for the top and bottom of your table. You will want the top of your table to be larger in length than your base but it should still be able to lay on top of your base without falling over off of the PVC.

The third and final step is cutting your PVC. I found that a good height for the PVC is 3 feet, but you can cut it to where you want. The width of your PVC will vary depending on how big your table is going to be.

Step 2: Cutting Out and Painting

For this step you will be cutting out the traces you drew in step 1. I used an X-Carve to cut these two pieces out. For the bottom piece I made it 24" in diameter and 0.5" wide. For the top part I made it 36" across each segment. You can make it as wide or long as you want as long as he top is thinner and wider than the bottom piece. After each piece is done cutting sand the edges.

You will also want to put a spider web design on the bottom part to add extra detail to the table.

After everything is cut out you will want to paint each part including the PVC. Paint the PVC black with your spray paint. Use your white acrylic and brush to paint each little web groove in white, then use the roller to paint the rest over black and paint the edges black. For the top part use the roller to paint each side and then use paint the edges in black.

Step 3: Putting It Together

For the last step you each end of the PVC with small circular wood blocks, they should be in very tightly. After this screw the bottom of your table onto the block so it's connected to the PVC. Do the same thing to the top of the table.

Now you will want to hot glue your plastic serving tray to the top of your table, so you can serve food on it. Now for the last step, glue the bones on the table. You can put the bones where you want them but I found it looked cool if you put a skull in the middle of the serving tray and glue the feet on the bottom of the table and make it look like bones are holding the table up.

Now your spooky Halloween serving table is ready to serve. Enjoy!

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