Introduction: Hydraulic Extendable Wolverine Claws

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Hello makers! This project is a simple way to make extendable wolverine claw using pressure between two syringes. These claws can push out and pull in, if assembled correctly, making a really awesome pair of retractable claws! I list of all needed materials is listed below.


In order to make the wolverine claws you will need:

  • Gloves (Blue gloves work best for the look, although any pair can work. I used orange and painted them navy)
  • Syringes without needle tips (12 needed for both gloves, 6 per glove)
  • Cardboard
  • Rubber aquarium tubing
  • String/Wire
  • Silver and blue paint
  • Water

Step 1: Prepping Syringes

This step may vary depending on what syringes you have, for me I used syringes from WalMart, which have a large plastic ring around the end. If your syringes also have these rings, I would advise you cut off one of the sides of the rings. This way when you mount the syringes on the top, the bottom sides will be flush with the glove.

Step 2: Mounting Syringes

In order to mount the syringes to the top of the glove, you will need to glue a strip of cardboard onto the area between between the knuckles and the wrist. You don't have to be exact in measurements as you can then glue the syringes at any place to make it even to the knuckles.

For the bottom syringes, follow the same steps as above except glue the cardboard to your wrist area of the glove.

Step 3: Tubing and Hydraulics

For this step the first thing you want to do is remove the inside of syringes to get rid of ay pressure. You will then want to connect the tips of both syringes with the aquarium tubing, be sure that the seal it tight!

The next step is to fill this vessel with water. You may get the glove a bit wet this step, but it will dry out. after both syringes and the tubing is completely filled with water you want to attach back the inside of the syringes (the blue sectio for my glove) so that on each set of syringes one is pushed all the way in, and one is pushed all the way out, this will create an inversely proportional suction between the two syringes, so that when one is pushed it the other pushes out and vise-versa.

Next for the inside syringes, use your string or wiring to create rings on the blue portion so you can control the force of motion with three of your fingers.

Step 4: Claw and Painting

The next step is to add claws, I would recommend using cardboard to cut these out, although you can make it out of any material as long as the claws will fit inside the ends of the syringes. Glue the claws inside the top syringes of the gloves.

Your final task is to paint. If paint the claws silver, do not paint the inside portion of the syringe as it will increase friction as lose functionality, although feel free to paint the outside part blue. If you already have a blue glove you can skip the rest of the painting, but if you want to paint it I would recommend acrylic paint.

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