Introduction: Halloween/Fallout Skeleton Wind Chime!!

Happy October and soon to be Happy Halloween! It's that time of year when a lot of us here at StewieWorks love to go crazy decorating, making props, costumes, and just have fun. This is the first of our Halloween projects, a Skeleton Wind Chime!


Supplies for this are super simple:

Dollar store bag of loose plastic bones (couple bags, depending on how big you want this to be)

Dollar store twine

drill with bit for drilling pilot holes (big enough to fit twine through)


and a place to hang it. (really that's all we used!)

Optional (and we did not use):

spray paint



Other noise maker found objects to hang alongside the bones: spoons, metal tubes etc.

Step 1: It's Really That Simple...

Unpack your bones. We usually paint these with a coat of black spray paint and then stipple brush and splatter red paint over them .* HOWEVER NOT TODAY! We left them as they came.

All you need to know is what the parts are of a wind chime. (See the image above I pulled from google lol)

This will tell you what you need to build. Start by building your top piece. We took some arms and legs, drilled holes in all the joints and joined them together with twine. We also drilled through the jaw of one of the skulls and added that to the top piece to hold all together.

From there you can add your twine to hold up the piece. Have several strands leading from each of the sides of your top piece and form a triangle up to tie at the top. Here you can make a loop to hang it.

Now you can tie long strands of twine down where you will drill holes and hang the rest of the bones to make the tubes, clapper, and wind catcher. The thing I will tell you, this really doesn't make too much noise. If you would like it to chime you can add other objects that are metal to have this make more noise. We had a couple bags of bones and that gave us two skull heads. We used the second along with the spine to make the clapper and wind catcher down the center. Really it's up to you. The more twine, the better. The messier the better.

I wish these were better instructions, but that's really it. It's all based on how big, where you will put it, and what you want yours to look like. Have fun with it!

*see our Gore Bag instructable for a painting tutorial:

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