Introduction: Halloween Themed Fried Bread

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This bread is from Borneo, Indonesia, and is called wadai untuk-untuk. It is normally filled with sweetened coconut or mung bean filling, but I filled them with whatever the kids like (minced meat, chicken, jam, chocolate, cheese, milk powder, etc).

This fried bread is similar to Hungarian donuts called farsangi fank. They are best served warm yet great at room temperature as well!

Step 1: Ingredients and Method

Coconut Filling

100 g semi-sweet desiccated coconut

30 g coconut sugar, grated

1/8 c water

Simmer all ingredients until coconut sugar dissolved, set aside to cool


500 g flour

250 cc lukewarm milk

45 g fresh yeast

1 tsp salt

100 g sugar

100 g butter/margarine, melted

Crumble yeast into milk, stir

Place lightly beaten egg into a bowl along with sugar and yeast mixture.

Add in flour, salt, knead

Add in melted margarine, knead

Add in more flour if needed, so dough wont be sticky

Let rest for half hour (it will doubled in size already)

Divide into @70 g balls, let rest for 10 mins

Flatten each ball and fill with coconut (or other fillings you like), seam to seal, let rest for another 10 mins

Fry til golden brown

To Decorate

Dissolve icing sugar in enough milk/water, add in maple essence/vanilla essence and food coloring of your choice

Start decorating fried bread as ghost, pumpkin, jack o lantern or turkey bird (for Thanksgiving)

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