Introduction: Halloween Witch Hut & Pumpkin Light

Halloween happens to be one of the fun times in the year when I feel very creative and have plenty of ideas for simple projects that can be easily done with up-cycling material already available at home. I have made a Halloween Witch House and Pumpkin that lights up to be a pretty good decoration!

Step 1: Things You'll Need

Here's a list of materials you will need:

  • Plastic bottle ( I have used a 1.25 ltr Sprite bottle)
  • Aluminium foil
  • Cutter, Scissors, Pliers
  • 10 inch piece of thin wire
  • Glue gun, water soluble glue
  • Paper/ tissue paper
  • Measuring scale, pencil
  • Paint, brush, water
  • Series lights ( I had yellow lights)
  • Orange Glitter (optional)

Step 2: Basic Structure

  • Started with peeling off the label from the bottle.
  • Then with the cutter, cut out the top part as shown in img:2 of the bottle. Keep aside.
  • Same way cut out the bottom (approx. 2.5 inches) of the bottle ( see img:3 )
  • Now the remaining middle section of the bottle that is left, cut it open (see img:4 ).

The top part of the bottle will make the roof of the witch house. The middle will make the base of the house and the bottom part of the bottle will make the pumpkin!

Step 3: Sticking and Shaping

  • Using the glue gun, stick the opening of bottle mid section to form a conical cylinder, with the top being wide and bottom being narrow. (see img :5)
  • Now glue the top part of the bottle to the above mentioned wider edge of the conical cylinder, this will form the roof (see img:6).
  • Glue the bottom part on to the side of the conical cylinder, to form the pumpkin (see img:7).
  • Using aluminium foil make tear thin strips, crush them and glue them wrapped around the base (see img:8 , img:9)
  • Same way glue the foil around the top roof joint. (see img:10)
  • Make a hole with a piece of wire into the cap of the bottle, and bend the wire to form a slight arch and a small hook on top end of wire. ( see img:11)
  • Same way on the side of the roof section, pierce the wire slightly into the bottle and glue it to make it secure, bend the wire like a tick mark (see img:12)
  • Wrap and glue the foil to form the shape of the roof (see img:13) and add some twisted foil at the pumpkin top so resemble the stem (see img:14)

Step 4: Cover With Paper Tissue & Paint

  • Make small window and door out of foil and stick the window with glue onto the roof.(you can add as many as you like) (stick the door after the step below-see img:16).
  • Mix some water soluble glue (i used Fevicol glue) and water in a container. Dip a brush and dab the tissue onto the structure until its completely covered .( see img:15)
  • Let it dry. (see img:17)
  • Once completely dried, cut out the eyes and mouth of the pumpkin. Make sure you cut just the paper tissue stuck on top and not the bottle.
  • You can cut out a small Moon shape into the door for the light to shine when lit up.
  • Now its ready to be painted !
  • After painting, while still wet, optional to sprinkle a little bit of glitter.

Step 5: Enjoy the Halloween Decoration !

  • Once complete, you can add a battery operated light source underneath the Pumpkin and the Witch Hut.
  • If you have a series light with a plug then you can put that under the Pumpkin and the Witch Hut and plug it to a wall point.

Happy Halloween !

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