Introduction: Hamster Race Game

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Eventhough my daughters (as any other kid) have tons of toys, sometimes they get bored and start playing with whatever they find. They grabbed these empty tape rings i had on my stash of crap-that-one-day-will-become-into-something-amazing. And started a race with them.

My oldest daughter (who is only 6) had the great idea to turn them into hamster wheels. I though it was brilliant! I dropped off the chores and started bringing to life her idea.

Her eyes were wide open when she saw how good it came out!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Glue gun


A clear disposable box. (Mine is from cocktail tomatoes)

Polymer clay or air dry clay

Empty tape ring

Whatever you find with a pointy tip that can be used as a tool. Pencil, knife, toothpick

Step 2: Make the Hamster's Head

Begin by forming a shape like a jellybean. You can add different colors to the body.

Make one side pointy, this will be the nose.

With the tip of a knife or pencil poke the top of the head and pinch to form the ears.

With black clay, make two very tiny balls the same size.

Make two holes where the eyes will be. Then put the eyes in the holes.

With a knife mark the mouth.

Make a small ball with pink clay.

Make a hole where the nose will be.

Put the nose in the hole.

Step 3: Make the Hamster's Body

We are making the hamster from one piece of clay. When working with clay (specially with small items) it's better because if you make the ears or legs separated and then you attach them, they can fall off.

And specifically this hamsters' shape is easy to do in one piece.

For the legs make small cuts in the bottom of the jellybean shape.

Give them a roundish shape, but be careful not to pull them out.

The belly of the hamster should be rounded too, it should take the shape of the tape's ring.

If you are using polymer clay bake it, if it's air dry clay let it dry.

Step 4: Make the Wheel

To make the wheel, put hot glue in the border of the ring.

Glue it to the box.

Trim the excess.

Once the hamster has hardened (follow the instructions of your clay), place it inside the wheel.

Put glue in the other edge of the ring, be careful or the hamster could be glued too.

Glue again into the box and trim around.

Step 5: Play!

Now make two or more to have a race!

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