Introduction: Hand Washing Timer

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I replaced:
1. "Digital IR Sensor Module" with "Ultrasonic sensor Arduino"

2. Title: "Corona Hand Wash Timer" to "Hand Washing Timer"

3. Added: Vibration Motor

4. Added: Button

5. Added: Extended cover case

This is a timer to check your handwashing time, additionally, noticing the customer with sound and LED lights signals. When your hands get close to the ultrasonic sensor, the blue light changes to red, and the speaker makes a sound; until the time has last over 20 seconds, the LED light changes into color green, and so does the speaker make two short voices; which means the 20 seconds has past and it is probable to start to dry your heads(hand washing is done). After drying the hands, press the button for the green LED to darken, leads the handwashing routine to end.

Step 1: Materials

- Arduino Leonardo x1

Other Arduino boards are also probable for making this project; suggested Arduino Leonardo

Product Official Link:

- USB A - B Connector Cable x1

- Arduino wires or any conductive wires

- Ultrasonic sensor Arduino x1

- Button Arduino x1

- Vibration Motor x1

- RGB LED x1


All materials available on;

Step 2: Set Up the Wires and Pins

Follow the figure to insert wires onto the Arduino board.

Step 3: Pack Up Your Arduino Wires and Decorate

Pack up wires in order to prevent water from getting contact with wires and boards.

Step 4: Connect and Code

Install Arduino app and then open the code file:


Then insert and connect the USB from Arduino board to your computer, or hardware.

Upload the code then start to wash your hands!!

Step 5: Wash Your Hands!!


1. Get hand close to the ultrasonic sensor

2. Wash your hands until the LED changes to red and when vibration motor makes two short sounds

3. Dry your hands

4. Press the button to reset, and reuse