Introduction: Handmade 1st Birthday Popup Musical Card

Even though i bought lot of things from stores for my 1 year old baby. I want to do some thing on my own for my baby. So i decided to make a birthday card. My aim is to see cute smile on her face when see my card. I won at last.

It's also my first popup card. Come lets see how i make it.

Step 1: Materials and Tools Required

Items and Tools

1) Color papers.

2) Thick used note board.

2) Scissors.

3) Glue.

4) Divider.

5) Musical circuit.

Step 2: Make Flowers

1) First I want to show her the flower.

2) Take a square paper and fold it as triangle.

3) Fold again to form small triangle.

4) Fold again to form much small triangle.Now 8 Layers in the paper.

5) Cut the triangle like Flower petal as shown in the figure.

6) Open the paper and found 8 petal flower.

7) For some more beauty add another color paper roundly cut and slices are make in that yellow paper.

8) Paste yellow colour paper in the middle of the flower.

9) Cut one petal from the flower.

10) Paste the last two petals together. Now 6 petal 3D flower is ready.

Step 3: Join the Flower

1) Make 7 flowers with lovely colors.

2) Arrange the flower like the second figure.

4) Paste glue in the first flower and paste 2nd and 3rd like wise. Apply glue in the red dot and paste one by one..

5) After complete open the flower. Test more times and found all ok.

Step 4: Start Prepare the Card

1) Take a long size used note cover.

2) Cut the papers and take only the cardboard.

3) Join the cardboard together.

4) Paste yellow color paper all over the greetings card.

5) Cut paper for leaf in another color.

Step 5: Add Stand Up Board

1) Take a divider and cut three semi circles and paste all the three together.

2) Cut a small V in the bottom and fold the bottom for pasting.

3) Paste it in the cardboard.

4) First paste one side in the board with bend it. stand up board must not paste straight).

5) Apply paste on the other side of the stand up board base.

6) close the other side and press tightly.

Step 6: Join All the Items

1) Take the 7 flower arrangement and paste it on one side of the board.

2) Apply glue on the last petal of the open side.

3) Close the cover and check it how it works

4) Paste the musical card beyond stand up card.

5) Cover the musical circuit with sample color paper.

6) see the back side of the Card.

Step 7: Final Touch

1) I cut some animals and fruits picture and paste it in the front page of the card. ( I place some animals like cat, Dog in the page). That animals and fruits are able to identify by her.

When i give the card to my girl see is very happy on see cat, Dog on the front page. She clap when open the card on music play. I also feel happy for my daughter.

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