Introduction: Handmade Cardboard Doll House Repurposed and Easy!

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When the cardboard contest first came up I knew exactly what to make
I've been making my kids doll houses out of repurposed card board for a very long time
My kids have always wanted a doll house so when I bought one for them they stopped playing with it in about 3 weeks
I ended up giving it away
A couple weeks passed and they wanted their old doll house back
I then started calculating how much wood I would need to make a new doll house for them and the total was a lot of money
Then I just grabbed a regular cardboard box and started cutting out pieces for the bed, windows, and door
My kids wanted to help by picking out the fabric they wanted for the curtains, pillows, and blanket
When I was finished, the house was very nicely furnished with the assorted fabrics and beds
I started making more rooms like the bathroom, kitchen, and even living room
I joined the boxes together to make a complete house
When my kids got older, they wanted to make their own houses but I helped by cutting out the doors and windows
Ever since then, they made a room every week and soon the house started looking like a motel with all of the rooms
This house is very easy to make and costs a lot less than store bought doll houses
And most importantly you can throw it away when your kids stop playing with it
This is a great house for kids to make and is very light to carry

Step 1: Materials

Cardboard scraps

Cardboard box

Scrap fabric

Glue gun

Glue sticks



Glue sick

Construction paper

Step 2: Making the Outside of the House

Get construction paper color of choose and apply the glue stick
Press down the paper onto the cardboard side on the outside
Cut sides
Continue by doing this to all of the walls
Can even be done on inside as wallpaper
To make the door, get the doll that will be played inside the house and get a box slightly bigger than the doll for the door
Outline the box shape onto the outside
Cut along the line on the top and bottom and also on the right side of the outline (an adult will have to do this)
On the left side of the door, poke holes from the top to bottom of the door
So it can open and close
Get a button. For the door knob and glue to the door
Make windows by getting a small box and lining up the top of the window with the top of the door
Cut along the box drawn
To make shutters, take the. Cut out windows and cut half
Glue each side to the ends of the window
To make glass for the Windows, get the clear plastic from anything like a chocolate box and cut to fit the inside of the window
To make curtains cut two strips of fabric slightly larger than the window and glue the top of the curtain to the top of the window closing slightly

Step 3: Making the Carpet

To make the dolls feel nice and cozy add a carpet
Get scrap fabric or even real carpet and cut to fit at bottom floor
Use glue to stick the fabric to the bottom

Step 4: Making the Bed

To make the bed, get a box that is slightly larger than the doll or animal
Mark the cardboard and cut along the lines
To make the pillows there are two ways
The easy way is to cut a shape of a pillow from cardboard wrap in fabric
Glue to finish
The harder way is to get a piece of fabric, glue down the edges and stuff the pillow with stuffing or cotton
Glue the edge to finish off
I added a button to make the pillow look nicer
For the blanket, cut out a piece of fabric just big enough so it goes over the animal or dolls toes
Glue the bed in the house slightly elevated

Step 5: Results

This house is very easy to make and I definitely suggest you and your kids do this idea because it is very cheap and they can pick whatever they want the house to have

Step 6: Other Rooms and Ideas

Above are the pictures of the room my kids made
For the accessories of the house, some my kids made and some are store bought from the previous doll house

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