Introduction: Handmade Gift Ideas: How to Make an Easy DIY Paper Basket

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When it comes to handmade gift ideas, I think you should definitely try to explore as many ideas as possible and just not limit yourself to making Greeting cards. How about if you learn how to make an Easy DIY paper basket. There are so many ways in which you can make use of this pretty basket.
Making an easy DIY Paper Basket, is very simple. You can add a lot of chocolates and goodies in it and make it for your friends, family and loved ones,on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries and also on Valentine's Day!

Come with me and learn how to make the easy paper basket.

Step 1: Material Required to Make the Handmade Paper Basket

Making this beautiful and love filled gift of a handmade paper basket requires the following list of craft supplies.:

Glossy Paper

Handmade paper




Pair of Scissors


Satin Ribbon


Decorative pearls

Step 2: Let's Begin!

Stick the Glossy paper and the colored paper together with a glue, with their white sides facing each other.

Apply Adhesive on the white side of the glossy paper, pasting the colored paper onto it.

You will get colored paper on one side and glossy paper on the other.

Step 3: Make the Marking!

Watch the complete step by step tutorial on how to make the markings to fold this paper to make the paper basket,

You will get all the specific dimension in the tutorial, as to how to draw these lines with a pencil.

These lines and markings will work as guide lines for you while you fold the basket.

Step 4: Fold Your Basket!

With the help of a pair of scissors, make incisions in the paper as and where required.

After making the cuts, make the crease required to help you fold the paper easily for the basket.

Step 5: Your Basket Is Ready!

Join the folds and cuts together to form a basket.

Paste a paper strip as the handle of the basket and decorate it with a strip of satin ribbon.

Add a touch of decorative pearls and glitter to highlight the basket.

Step 6: Beautiful Paper Basket Is Absolutely Ready!

The pearl embellished and glittery basket looks elegant as a DIY Gift Idea.This paper basket also works as a fantastic paper project for kids.
There are a lot of events and projects at schools where this handmade paper basket works as a wonderful Kids Craft Idea.

This paper basket is a fun paper craft to do at home and can be easily used to express love and affection for your friends and closed ones.