Introduction: Handmade Hand

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Another challenge from the Frankenstein200 Workshop!

The human hand is a wonderfully complex and capable apparatus. But now some robots are able to perform many of the tasks accomplished by human hands. Make a handmade hand to see how that can work.

Complete this workshop activity to earn an achievement at Frankenstein.LIFE!

Step 1: Collect These Materials

  1. Sheet of stiff cardstock or construction paper
  2. Two drinking straws
  3. Tape
  4. String

Step 2: Draw Your Hand

Trace an outstretched hand on your sheet of paper. Then cut along the outline.

Step 3: Add Joints

Score and fold the fingers and thumb where the joints would be, so they can bend more easily, like a real hand. Tape a piece of straw to each section of the fingers and thumb, 3 pieces on each finger and 2 pieces on the thumb.

Step 4: Thread the Fingers for Movement

Thread a string through the straw segments on each finger. Tie knot at tip of each finger to hold the string in place. Pull a string to make its finger curl.

Step 5: Make Your Handmade Hand Move

Cut a hole through the palm of the paper hand, and feed each string through the hole. When you pull all the strings together, the hand makes a grasping movement.


Did you make a scribble bot? Then share it with us! We love seeing what people make. All the best ones will be featured in our Showcase.

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