Introduction: Just Breathe

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Another challenge from the Frankenstein200 Workshop!

Lungs are essential to life, to bring fresh air into our bodies, and then expel the used air. But, the lung is not a muscle, so how does it pull and push air for us? Could a machine do that?

Complete this workshop activity to earn an achievement at Frankenstein.LIFE!

Step 1: Collect These Materials

  1. One plastic drink bottle
  2. Two drinking straws
  3. Three balloons
  4. Three rubber bands

Step 2: Build the Base of the Lung

Cut off the bottom of the bottle and cover the hole with one of the balloons. Secure the balloon with one of the rubber bands.

Step 3: Put Together Your Interior

Cut two holes in the drink bottle’s cap large enough for a straw to fit through. Attach a balloon to each straw, securing them tightly with a rubber band. Slip the straws through the holes in the bottle cap.

Step 4: Combine All Your Pieces

Fit the straws and their attached balloons inside of bottle and twist the cap on tightly.

Step 5: Learn How the Lungs Work

Pull the balloon “diaphragm” at the bottom of the bottle to inflate the balloon lungs, then release it. Can you hear and feel the air go in and out through the straws?


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