Introduction: Handmade Red Agate and Jadeite Jade "flower Fairy" Beaded Bracelet DIY03

Step 1:

Step 2: Burn the 2 Ends of String by Lighter. It Will Become Solid So That It’s More Convenient to Thread the Beads.

Step 3: Thread Beads to the String, It’s Totally Up to You What Beads or Colors to Be Threaded. the Product Above Start With Threading 4 Red Agate Beads, and Then the Flower Shaped Jadeite and White Jadeite Bead. Finally, Tighten It.

Step 4: Repeat the Same Step 3.

Step 5: You Can Check Your Length Periodically Against Your Wrist. Diy the String Beads Bracelet for You.Tie a Flat Knot to Secure Your Bracelet. the Knot Is Sliding, So That the Circumference of Bracelet Can Be Adjusted Freely.

Step 6: Tie a Small Knot at the End of String to Hold the Small Beads in Place. Trim Off the Excess String. Done It!