Introduction: Harley Quinn Hammer

About: Cosplayer and prop maker ?

How to make Harley Quinn hammer

What you need

1. Foam floor stuff rolled up
2. Broom handle possible wooden
3. Paper
4. Pva glue
5. Red and black spray paint
6. any colour paint to go on hammer.
7. Duck tape and lots
9. Varnish
How to start

1. Measure in the middle to put in the broomstick. Make a hole to put in the broomstick then fill the hole with the glue after put glue in put the broom in quickly before the glue drys.

2. After you've handled the broomstick in place and glue has dry, time for the duck tape. Duck tape every part of the top of the hammer from the end to the middle to other end. Make sure the top is covered.

3. After the duck taping part it's time to do the paper mâché part this my take you a while due to the PVA glue. So paper mâché the whole hammer.

4. After waiting for the top of your hammer to dry, it's time for the fun part. Spray paint is the best for your base coat. So could copy mine or do your own.

5. When your base coat is done, time to add your designs and what ever you like.

6. When your finished time for some varnish but I used the spray on varnish.

Hope this helps! Enjoy your Harley hammer!