Introduction: Harry Potter House Points Necklace Set

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In this Instructable, I'll be showing how to give the gift of (roughly) fifty house points to a friend's favorite Hogwarts house (or your own)! The necklace set we'll be making is based on the large house point containers from the Harry Potter universe. We'll be covering how to make a single necklace, which will be enough to enable you to make the full set of one for each house! Let's get started!

Step 1: Parts

For this Instructable, the only thing you'll need tools-wise is a pair of pliers.

Necklace Chain
Necklace Findings (namely loops to attach the pendant to the chain)
Earring Backs
Seed Beads (the color of which is whatever house you want to make)
Bead Landing - "Found Objects" - Glass Capsule (comes in a pack of two)

See the pictures for images of the parts. Note that if you cannot find the Glass Capsules, you can make them using a small glass tube and bead caps.

6/14/13 EDIT: I added a picture of the back of the Glass Capsules since they're proving hard to find. I got mine at Micheal's, and they come in a variety of metals for the bead caps (silver, bronze, etc.). I'll keep looking for online retailers that carry them too!

Step 2: Bead the Wire

First, take one of your glass capsules and remove the earring back to take the bottom cap off. Now that the cap is out of the way, go on ahead and put the earring back back onto the wire and push it flush against the top cap. This will help keep the capsule from coming apart once you're done. See the annotation on the first picture to see where I'm talking about.

Now start putting seed beads onto the wire. You'll want to do this before filling the glass tube because it both makes the pendant look like it has more beads and hides the wire. This is actually one of the harder parts since the seed beads are so tiny; we found that spreading them out and poking them from above worked best (see the third picture). When you have enough beads to cover the wire up to the top of the glass cylinder, put another earring back on the end so they don't fall out during the next step (see the fourth picture).

Step 3: Fill the Rest of the Tube

Now that you've finished stringing the wire, it's time to start filling the rest of the tube! You can scoop the beads into the cylinder, you can pour them in, you can put them in one at a time, whatever you want! Just be sure not to spill them!!

Once you have enough beads, put the bottom cap back on the wire and put another on another earring back to seal it shut.

I know you've already put a lot of earring backs onto this wire, but if you've happened to unfortunately spill any seed beads at this point, you know we want to make sure this doesn't come apart! So, take your pliers and bend the bottom part of the wire around the earring back to make sure it can't ever fall off (see the third picture). If you want to be really sure (and I don't blame you!), put a dab of strong, clear glue onto the bottom to finish off the seal.

That's all for the pendant!

Step 4: Complete!

All that's left is attaching the necklace chain and you're done! Now that you've made one pendant, you can follow the same steps with a different color of seed beads to finish the set!

I hope you liked this Instructable! If you did, I'm in need of some "house points" myself, so consider voting for this Instructable in the Jewelry Contest!! Here is the link:

Thank you, and may the best house win!

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