Introduction: Haunted Portraits

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This is something simple I put together based on some other designs I've seen on this website. The "Haunted Portrait(s)." I made this in about three hours give or take the time it took to gather resources.

Materials List:

X-acto Knife

No more than 8 1/2" by 11" of foam core


Paper( preferably cardstock)




Paper Towel/TP roll

Hot Glue(optional)

Battery-Powered Flickering Candle(s)

Step 1: The Portraits

First things first, you'll want to print out some portraits of your desired figures. (I used Charlie Chaplin and Thomas Jefferson) These can be of anybody so long as the eyes are showing and are decently sized in your portrait.

  • You can make your rectangular frames out of foam core, but in my case I had some premade ones that were about 4" x 6" and so I printed my portraits to fit roughly that size.
  • You'll want to use scissors for cropping the portraits and then use something sharp (like the X-acto) to poke the eyes from the portrait.

Step 2: The Frames

Attach your pictures to your frames by taping the edges.

Cut odd triangles from what is left of your foam core to make the stands which will hold your frames in the upright position.

  • I used Hot Glue to attach the edges of these triangle legs to the back of the frames on either side of the portrait but tape could also work.

Measure to about halfway down your TP roll and cut a half-circle from the circumference that goes down its length as depicted above.

  • This is for you to place the battery candle in, so measure accordingly to its height.
  • I also later cut an angled section off of the opposite end so that the roll will sit and act as an additional leg for the frame.

Step 3: Final Assembly

This step is not very tricky, but the trickiest of the lot.

What you want to do, is using the part of the TP roll that extends up the side of the candle, use tape to attach the entire thing to the back of your portrait where the light is at roughly eye level.

  • You'll see here where I cut the corner from the TP roll so that it would rest on the table.

Step 4: Finale

Use any means you have(if you so choose) to decorate your frames and/or legs of your frames to give them more character.

  • As mentioned, my frames were partially pre made, so I coloured the legs a darker colour and called it complete

Enjoy this decorative piece for themed areas, like in a haunted house or something. Who knows?