Introduction: Headphones Case

For this project I used:

- Piece of leather

- Piece of fabric

The tools you will need are:

- Sewing needle and thread

- Leather strip tool

- Leather eather punch

- Leather carving tool

Step 1: Make the Leather Strip

Cut your leather into a strip (8 inch long, 1 inch width), for the decorative part you can use either a press or just carve it by hand, for me what worked best was to draw the image on transparent paper then trace it on the leather and follow the pattern with the a carver tool, but what ever feels easy is cool. you will need to punch holes in both side of the leather using a punch tool for the thread to later be inserted throw.

Step 2: Fabric

Since we are making a U shaped case take the piece and use it the measure how much fabric to cut. leave about 1 cm extra as a space for the sewing. once you have the pieces of fabric all cut up and ready, you can saw any pattern of your choosing to it. i made a leaf pattern from a brown sewing string i had.

also cut to small hole at the top of the U shape, for a nice finish youll need to sew the edges on itself.

Step 3: Sewing the Parts Together

Now that we have all the pieces togther we will need to sew it. i recommend using a saddle stitch because it is great with leather.

Step 4: Adding a Seal

We dont what our earbud to fall all of the time, so we are adding a seal.

Use two leather string and cut two holder pattern from you hide. i made a circle with a tail to warp around the string.

pass the thread throw the holes and tie a knot at the end.

Congratulations you have your own leather bag to your earbuds.

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