Introduction: Headset Stand

I use a headset at work but it normally lives just laid on my desk. Due to the coronavirus I am currently working from home so have my normal work layout in my living room. A stand for the headset would be perfect so this seemed to be there perfect time to make one.


Wood offcuts

Saws - band and miter

Step 1: Concept

I just recently finished making a bread bin out of offcuts and had a few left. My idea was to cut these pieces in to regular sized 5mm thick lozenge shapes and glue them together in to a curved shape.
I laid out some of the wood to determine the rough shape and size.

Step 2: Cut to Size and Shape

I started on the band saw cutting the offcuts to the same width, which ended up being around 5mm (1/5 inch). I then cut them all to the same length on the miter saw.
To create the curved end I drew a semi circle on one of the pieces, with a pair of compasses, and shaped it on a disc sander. I then used this piece to mark the end on all the other pieces.

Step 3: Create a Form

To create my form I used two bits of MDF glued together and backed them with a bit of hardboard.
I started by marking out the shape I wanted and rough cut it on the band saw. I then brought it to it's final shape with a bobbin sander. I then rough cut the second MDF part, glued and screwed it to the first and used a pattern bit on my router to make them the same. I then screwed on the hardboard.

Step 4: Sand

My disc sander does need a new pad so most of the ends were burned so I sanded of the blackened ends using a random orbital sander.
I also sanded all the edges as these couldn't be done once glued.

Step 5: Glue

I decided to glue the stand in parts as I only have three small f-clamps which seemed an ideal size for this job. I laid out three pieces on the bottom layer, four on the next and three on the top, in a stepped fashion like brickwork, only applying glue to the top and bottom layer. These were then clamped.
Once they were dry I worked my way through the rest until it was complete.

Step 6: Determine Next Step

I now had my main form, which was slightly out of balance, although it did stand correctly with the headset on it.
I therefore decided to add a few more lozenge pieces to the foot of the stand together with a base to add a bit more stability.

Step 7: Add Base

I glued some additional lozenge parts in a stepped pattern to the base and clamped then up.
Once it was dry I drew, on a scrap bit of wood around the base and cut it to size on the band saw. I then sanded, glued and clamped it to the rest of the stand.

Step 8: Finish

Now it was all glued together I sanded all the bits I could with a random orbital sander up to 180 grit and added a couple of layers of oil for protection.
I do like the final shape it's kind of scorpion shaped and it's much better then having the headset randomly placed on my desk.
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Thanks for reading.

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