Introduction: Bird Swings and Bird Treats

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I bought a pair of finches recently. I wished to make something special for my birds. Though we can get all of the decorative items in the online but it will be quite awesome when we made it by our hands at home itself.

I made these swings completely out of waste. So that it can be affordable and there will be an immense pleasure when we watch our tiny pets playing with ;our hand made crafts.

The food that i provide for my birds can be used as a feed for all breeds of birds. Its so healthy and provides many benefits to the birds.

I made 2 types of bird swings. My birds enjoy playing with these swings and have some happy time.

Make these simple swings for your birds and watch them enjoying it.

Step 1: SWING - DESIGN 1




Refill of pen

Poster color or acrylic color

Beads (optional)

Woolen thread

Stick (I used a small branch from the tree as i don't want to use plastic and it will be a craft from scrap)



Step 2: Making Paper Beads

Cut the paper into small triangles.

Place the refill at the bottom and roll it towards the sharp tip.

After rolling secure it with the glue.

Remove the refill and the bead will look like this.

Step 3: Coloring the Beads

Make as many as beads you want.

Color the beads using the poster color or acrylic color.

You can use some different colored portion of the paper and avoid the coloring using paints.

Step 4: Completing the Swing

Take a woolen thread and add a needle to it.

Tie the other end to the stick as shown.

Join the beads using the needle. Make a knot after joining the beads. Left some thread and cut the needle.

Repeat the step for another side. Roll the stick with woolen thread. The swing will look like this once it get finished.

Tie it to the bird cage. Make as bigger swing according to the size of your cage.

My bird enjoying the play time with these swing.

Step 5: SWING - DESIGN 2


Bangles 2

Woolen thread


Step 6: Making the Swing

Join the two bangles diagonally.

Attach it the cage.

Birds love to rest here and play with the swing.



This is the major food that i used to feed my bird. Tasty and easy to digest supplement for all ornamental birds. Foxtail millet is a tasty, easy to digest treat which birds adore. All birds love foxtail millet and especially enjoy picking the seeds out of the husks. Foxtail millet is great way to give your bird a delicious treat and keep it amused at the same time. Foxtail millet is suitable for breeding pairs or when raising a young bird and it provides an important food supplement if your bird is ill. Rich and healthy diet for daily requirements. Fulfill all the nutrition a bird need


Cuttlebone is an important dietary supplement for birds because it is a great source of necessary minerals and calcium, which helps birds with bone formation and blood clotting. It is a natural product and doesn't contain toxins or contaminants. Cuttlebone is an inexpensive source of calcium carbonate and other trace minerals for your bird.


Dark green leafy vegetables like spinach are a favorite with birds and they are packed with heaps of minerals and nutrients. Spinach is a common vegetable that can be offered to your birds whole as a leaf or chopped into fine pieces. Leave the stems attached as they are safe to eat and your birds will nibble them too.

While buying the cage they tied a plastic breeding pot inside the cage, But i have replaced it with the clay pots with a entering hole. I have made a layer of coconut fiber into the pot as a safety for eggs from breaking.

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