Introduction: Heart Attack in a Box

This is a cute design for valentines day or just a romantic gift. The original design that I saw on this site was simply hearts in a box my design will have the hearts jump out upon opening the box.

Step 1: Materials

The materials you will need are a follows:

-printer paper
-box (for the fill effect get the kid that the lid opens in one piece as seen in the pic)

Step 2: The Box

The first thing I did was cover the box in paper. It gives it a cleaner look. In the end u should have a nice pretty white box. :)

Step 3: Cut Out Hearts

Next we cut out various sizes of hearts. Make sure your hearts aren't bigger than the box. The amount of hearts you cut out depend on the size of your box and how full you want your box. I have a small box so I cut out about 60 or so.

Step 4: Prepare Hearts

Now we color the hearts. I have 4 diff sizes so I will use 4 diff shades of pink/red. The colors and messages are your choice. Each heart should have an individual romantic message written on it. Make sure to write "heart attack!" On one of the hearts

If desired you can use colored paper. If you use colored paper you wouldn't need the markers.

Step 5: The Pop Out

Next as I mentioned we have to make the hearts pop out.

Step 6:

Cut a strip of paper the width of the inner box.

Step 7:

Glue the beginning of the strip to the outer panel of the box.

Step 8:

Put a strip of glue on the top hinge of the lid of the box. Hold the lid of the box at a right angle. Pull the paper to the lid of the box make sure it's tight so the hearts will be forced out when the box is opened.

Step 9:

Cut off any extra paper after everything is glued in place.

Step 10:

Make sure the box shuts. If it doesn't just trim it a bit and you're finished with the pop out part.

Step 11: Decorate Your Box

Now we are finished. The last thing you wanna do is to decorate the outside. This is optional but it looks way better decorated. I cut out some hearts and glued them to the sides and top. After decorated, put the hearts inside the box and deliver your beautiful, romantic gift! Thank you for reading my instructable!

Step 12: (optional) the Coiled Heart

My box has a heart with a paper coil around it. Here's some instructions on how to make it.

Step 13: Thin Strip

First cut a long thin strip of paper about a cm in width and as long as you can get it. Then color it, make sure the bottom so different than the top for full effect.

Step 14: First Fold

Your first fold will be a triangle. Fold the bottom right edge to the left side.

Step 15: Repeated Fold

Next, fold the rest of the paper in an angle, bring the left side behind to touch the slant of the triangle made in the previous step. Next, pull the right side behind to touch the new slant. Continue this until the end. The process should be like a zigzag motion. It should create triangles in a pattern.

Step 16: Glue It

Now we will glue the coil to a heart. Start by gluing the initial triangle on the backside of the heart. Don't put glue all around the heart because we want some of it to pop up. Slowly work it around the heart.

Step 17: Work the Coil Around the Heart

You may have to squash previous folds to get the coil to work around the heart. Remember take your time go slow, you wouldn't want to rip the paper or have it uncoil.

Step 18: Glue Heat to the Box

Now that we are finished we will glue the heart to the box. Now we have a cute decoration for the top of the box! How pretty!! Once again thank you for reading my instructable and good luck!!
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