Heart Beaded Bracelet



Introduction: Heart Beaded Bracelet

Hi, guys!! I’m Daisy. I love putting beads together to make jewelry work; sharing jewelry designs. …

This seed bead bracelet tutorial includes two parts: how to wire wrap a seed bead component with heart shape linking and then make a linked bracelet with 3 shell beads.

Step 1: Supplies:

4mm Round Seed Beads (Mixed-color)

Shell Beads

Heart-shape Linking Ring


Lobster Claw Clasp (with jumprings)


0.3mm Brass Wire

Side Cutting Pliers

Wire Cutter Pliers

Step 2: Make the Wire Wrapped Beads

1st, take a heart-shape linking ring and a piece of 0.3mm brass wire to approximately 30cm long;

2nd, anchor the wire onto the left corner of heart linking ring by doing 5~8 coils;

3rd, string 5~7pcs round seed beads, then fix the wire at one location on the linking ring;

4th, direct the wire to the next position and make the 2nd seed bead row. Then create the 3rd, 4th and 5th rows by using the same way;

Step 3:

5th, once finished adding the seed beads, wrap the leftover brass wire surround the heart-shape bead;

Step 4:

6th, repeat all procedures on above for another 3 heart-shape beads.

Step 5: Prepare the Shell Beads

1st, take one shell bead, two headpins and two seed beads;

2nd, pass the headpins through the two holes on shell bead, from center;

3rd, slide the seed bead per pin;

4th, make one simple loop on each side;

Step 6:

5th, do the same to 2 more shell beads.

Step 7: Connect the 7 Components Into a Bracelet

Open the loops on shell bead units, then attach the heart-shape beads. Close the loop finally.

Step 8: Attach the Clasp and Chain

On one end, attach a strand of chain. And one the other end, add the clasp.

Step 9: Now, You'll Get an Adjustable Closure.

Step 10: Congratulations!

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