Introduction: Heart From Papier Mache

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Using the technique of papier mache you can create a lot of beautiful things. Here is an instructable of how to create a wall decoration in the shape of a heart. As I live up North and I love to watch the magic of Aurora Borealis I've decided to color my creation in the shades of North and give it an effect of the Northern Lights.

You can use normal school glue, but I prefer to make my own glue. I find it more Eco friendly.


For the glue: 4 tbs rice or wheat flour, 200 ml cold water and 200 ml hot water. Cook for 2-3 min on medium heat. Mix during cooking.

For the shape: piece of cardboard ( I used piece from an old box), aluminium foil, paper tape, paper ( I used old papers, you can use old fliers or old news papers), plastic wrap.

To decorate: acrylic paint, glitter, silver leaves, mod pogde or any other varnish you use.

Step 1:

Cut a heart shape from a piece of cardboard. You can decide how big it will be.

Step 2:

Make 2 egg shaped balls from aluminium foil. Glue them with paper tape to the heart.

Step 3:

Make two halves of the heart from paper and stick them with the paper tape to the heart. Cover the whole heart with the plastic wrap.

Step 4:

Rip the paper to small pieces. Start applying glue on the plastic wrap and glue the small pieces of paper to the heart. After first layer let it dry and then repeat and apply a few more layers of paper pieces. Last layer optionally you can make from white paper. Let it dry completely.

Step 5:

After it is dry take it off the shape.

Step 6:

Decorate it as your heart desires :)

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