Introduction: Driftwood and Epoxy Tooth Brush Holder

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This wonderful holder made of real drift wood that I collected on the shore of Hudson Bay. In combination with epoxy it has very unique appearance and reminds me of summer days on the shore.


Stick, key rings, epoxy, aluminium foil, plastic file, tape, thin rope, shells ( optional)

Step 1:

Make a form for the stand from aluminium foil. Cut plastic folder to size and fix it with tape to the aluminium shape.

Step 2:

Carve in sticks little slits for the key rings.

Step 3:

With UV resin fix in the split key ring and place it under UV lamp.

Step 4:

Put around the sticks a thin rope. As it is just for decoration you can use tape to hold the sticks together for placing them in the resin.

Step 5:

Mix the epoxy, add blue and green ink color. Pour the epoxy to the stand shape.

Step 6:

Place the sticks in the epoxy and put some support so it will hold the sticks util the epoxy is cured. I decorated my stand with little shells, but it is just an option.

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