Introduction: Heart Shaped Valentine Pin / Frame

Make a Valentine Wearable Pin or frame in minutes. This is a great project for kids, as well as adults, would be a good school project. This is not an exact process  imagination is key. This a quick and  easy way to  use puzzle pieces, especially  old ones with missing pieces. 
(*Note - other pins can be made,  example: Christmas Tree pictured in step 2)

To begin:
Sort and separate a puzzle by similar colors blues, reds, greens etc...For this project red pieces would be ideal.

For Pins
Puzzle pieces - one color 
Tacky glue (white glue or glue gun)
1" Pin back (fasteners, clasp)

For Frame:
Photo - portrait  (a copy is fine)
Puzzle pieces - one color
Heart Shape Pattern ( this one is about 4" X4")
Foam board (or cardboard cut by an adult.)
Color paper (same - similar color as puzzle pieces)
Two  1 1/2" nails (for stand)

Step 1: Begin

Decide on the color of the pieces you'll use.   The first one I made was "blues" .
Tacky  glue works great , white glue or  a glue gun will also work. 

This pin
is about  2" at it's widest  point .

Pick three puzzle pieces "attempt"  to connect the three pieces forming a V shape.
*note the pieces do not need to match perfectly.
Add glue to tops of all three pieces, pick three more pieces for the next layer. They do not need to line up, glue and add another layer.  Three layers total .

*Note  a little tweaking and adjusting may be needed to get your heart shape.  None of theses pieces have been cut they are used as is. 

Step 2: Finishing Up the Pin

After you are happy with the heart shape the glue has dried add the pin .You may want to use a glue gun on the pin to give a stronger hold.

* Note a name tag pin doesn't have enough metal to make for a strong gluing. 
Use a pin back style pin for strength.

Step 3: Heart Shaped Frame

For Frame cut out a heart shape pattern, this is about a 4"X4" size heart.
Using your pattern  cut out a heart from colored paper (similar color to puzzle pieces)
Then cut the same size heart out of foam board or cardboard.

Print a portrait - photo.  Cut out  the picture  smaller than your  colored paper and foam board, also heart shaped. Lightly glue colored paper to foam board, then picture centered to the top of colored paper.

* Note if working with children cut out foam board for them.
Also Note background edges around  picture of colored paper.

Step 4: Puzzled

Begin by first laying out puzzle pieces around the  outer edge, I was able to find straight-edge pieces to complete the edge. After laying out all pieces glue each down. 

Add a second row to fit then glue.

The next  row staggered to cover edges of first layer - glue.
Add several layers trying to cover as much of the background paper as possible. and leave as much of the picture showing as you like,

Step 5: Finishing Frame

After all the glue has dried  turn frame over and  press in the nails as a stand.  The nails need to be directly across from one another.  You may have to try a couple of times to make it stand. 
The nails press into foam board  without effort.

Now your Pin and Frame are ready to give to your sweetheart, Grandparents, aunt's & uncles. or keep for yourself.

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