Introduction: Lace Masquerade Aplique

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There's always something mysterious about masquerades that makes them so cool. This is a very original kind of mask as it is made with lace and glued to your skin. Surprise everybody with it!

Step 1: You'll Need

Lace fabric


Liquid latex



Black eyeshadow

Black eyeliner

Bright lipstick


Makeup brushes

Step 2: Mask

Cut the mask in the shape you want, use the design the lace has to make it symmetrical and cut the edges to have the little details of the fabric. Use the measures of your face to cut the holes for your eyes.

Step 3: Eyes

We're going to do the eyes first. We want them to have a light smokey look, so put some black eyeshadow in the lower part of your lids and blend it so you can get an ombre effect in your lids.

Put eyeliner in the upper part right above the lashes, do it thick as we want an intense look in our eyes. Put some in the lower lash line too.

Step 4: Foundation and Blush

Put your foundation on as usual and more blush than you usually use, we want it to be visible even with the mask on.

Step 5: Mask

Put liquid latex all over your mask in the side that's going to be in contact with the skin, you can use a brush to do this more clean. Place it in your face and move it to be perfectly centered and the eye holes in place.

Step 6: More Latex

Once in your face, put more latex in the areas you might have missed and press the lace with your fingers to glue it to your skin.

Step 7: Final Touches

Add lots of mascara or false lashes and a bright color lipstick.

You're ready for your masquerade!

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