Hershey Nugget Holders

Introduction: Hershey Nugget Holders

About: Hey all!! My name is Tmika. I am all things crafty, motivational, inspirational, DIY, family life and love!! Come and join me!

These adorable gift are so SWEET! Literally! Here I share three ways to wrap up some chocolate LOVE!! You can give these to friends, teachers, co-workers, neighbors or just keep them for your guests. Either way - they are quick and fun to make - if you don't eat them all before shipping them off!!

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    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    These look great. Could you share a little more about how you made them?


    Reply 7 years ago

    Of course! I apologize - I thought I connected a video tutorial on them. It should be fixed now. Thanks for the heads up! Tmika