Introduction: Hex Nut Bracelet & Earrings

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Hex Nuts Rock!I don't know why but I really love Hex Nuts! When I was a teenager I did my first Hex Nut Earring (which is one of my favorite earrings and I still wear it).

The other day I went to a hardware store and I found very cheap hex nut packs. I had to buy a pair! Since I bought them I've made a lot of jewelry with them (which I will upload progressively).

By the way, in my language, hex nuts are called "females" and I like to wear them as a feminist symbol: a hard and resistent female ready to rock!

Step 1:

You need two pliers, rings and hex nuts. Once you have them you're ready to start!

Step 2:

Take a ring, open it and insert two nuts. Then close the ring.

I'd recommend to close and open the rings with two pliers. It's easier than using only one.

Step 3:

Take another ring, open it and insert one nut and close it.

Step 4:

Repeat the third step as many times as you need to obtain the desired size.

Step 5: To Make the Earrings

To make the earrings I used 5 nuts and an earring hook. But the actual number depends on your particular tastes.

You only need to insert a ring in the last nut and insert the earring hook instead of a nut. And there goes your earring!

Step 6: To Make the Bracelet

In case you want to do the bracelet:

On one end you have to insert a ring (where the lobster clasp will be attached to close the bracelet). And on the other end, insert a ring and a clasp. And here goes your bracelet!

Step 7:

And you're going to obtain a thing like this!

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