Introduction: Hidden Treasure Candles

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So, I've never tried candle making before, but I finally decided to give it a go. However, "normal" candles seem so boring, and you can get them just about anywhere nowadays. To put a spin on the classic candle, I decided to hide a surprise inside, making it a perfect gift... And so, the hidden treasure candle was born! I hid a necklace in each of my candles (wrapped in tin foil to protect it), so the recipient would get not only a lovely candle, but also a little something else, making the candle that much more exciting!

Since this was my first time making a candle, I can vouch for this being a fun beginners project, and it's a great way to recycle old glasses, candles and even jewellery you want to pass on to someone else! I think this is such a fun gift, and it really motivates the recipient to actually burn the candle, rather than shoving it in the back of the cupboard in case the lights go out!

Step 1: What You'll Need

To make your hidden treasure candles (for two candles), you will need

  • Two plain candles
  • Two glass containers (I just got mine for under a dollar each at a homeware store)
  • Some tin foil
  • Two pieces of jewellery

In terms of other supplies, an old knife or craft knife, a mug you're not tooooo attached to and a few popsicle sticks should see you through this project. :)

Step 2: Destroying Your Old Candles

Start by turning over your candle. You should see a small metal piece at the bottom, holding the wick in place. Pull on this, and your wick should come right out.

Next, cut up your candle using your knife. I found the best way to get it to melt easily is if you create "candle shavings" by running the blade along the candle, rather than actually cutting it up into chunks.

Step 3: Melting the Wax

Put the wax in your mug, and put it in the microwave. Put it in for about 30 seconds at a time, and stir it after each 30 seconds using your popsicle stick. This could take a while, depending on how you cut your wax up, but you should start seeing some liquid wax form after a little while!

Once there's some liquid wax, use your popsicle stick to put some at the bottom of your glass container and place your wick on top. This should hold it in place for now.

Step 4: Pouring the Wax

Pour some of your wax into the container, taking care to keep your wick standing up straight. Pour in until the point where you want to place your jewellery - high up if the candle is for someone with little patience, or lower down for someone who burns candles a lot.

Optional step: be unreasonably excited about the patch of wax that spilled but now looks like a ghost about to angrily throw a baby. (This is a really fun step).

Use two popsicle sticks to hold up your wick while the wax cools.

Step 5: Wrap Your Treasure

Wrap your piece of jewellery or other treasure in some tin foil. Ensure that it is completely covered, so the wax won't get inside and make your jewellery all waxy too.

Step 6: Hide Your Treasure

Once the first layers of wax are cool and can hold your treasure, place your little foil-wrapped jewel in the candle, and pour wax over it to hide it.

Step 7: Fix the Dents

From what I've seen and read about making candles, having dents like this form once your candle cools is pretty normal. Fix them up by pouring a bit of melted wax in as your last step.

Step 8: Finding Your Treasure!

Now, obviously this step is for the recipient of the candle, not you - well, unless you've made this for yourself, but you could just as easily have kept the normal candle and just added the piece of jewellery straight to your jewellery box.

To find your treasure, light your candle and let it burn (obviously). Allow the candle to burn and the wax to melt until the tin foil package becomes visible. At this point, once the wax around it has melted, use a pair of tweezers to carefully remove it. Wait for it to cool before unwrapping your treasure!

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