Introduction: Hobos Guide to Make a Straw Spider

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Step 1: You Will Need:





lego (7 holes)

marker (black)

Step 2: Cut the Straw ( 3 = Lengths)

About 2.5"

Then cut along the inside

Step 3: Put Your Straws Inside the Holes in the Lego Piece

one hole spacing will do

Step 4: Then...

Take your knife and lego

make the tip of one side

You do that so another (.9") straw can fit over it

Step 5: Take the Dart and Scissors...

take the dart and scissors and cut the orange tip off BUT ONLY CUT THE FOAM not the tip thing that make it stay on the foam.

Step 6: Tape and Tip of Dart

Take the tip of the dart and the tape

rap the tip ( the back not the part that hits the walls when shot out ) in tape so it fits snug in the straw

Step 7: Body of the Spider and the Tip (with Straw Attached)

take the body of the spider and the tip and put the tip ( straw end ) and slide it on where you cut the lego piece

Step 8: COLOR -_-

Step 9: DONE