Introduction: Hog Rider Clash of Clans Clay Figurine

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Oh Yeah! Here's a cute Hog Rider Figurine tutorial made from polymer clay. It's a character from the Clash of Clans game. I have created a realistic version of him but this chibi version is just adorable.

I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial because I had fun creating him.

Step 1: Materials

  • Polymer Clay - A PVC based oven baked modelling clay.
  • Liquid Sculpey - Use this to stick pieces of clay together.
  • Wire
  • Aluminum foil
  • Tools - blade, knife, silicone shaper, ball tool, wire loop, needle tool, acrylic roller, wire cutter
  • Oven

Step 2: Face

Shape dark brown clay into a round ball for the head. Using a silicone shaper, make a horizontal indent on the middle of the face.

For the nose, add a small piece of clay in between the indent and blend it on the face.

Using a ball tool, make the eye sockets and fill it with a small ball of white clay. Make 2 small balls of blue clay for the pupils.

Step 3: Hair, Beard & Lips

Shape a log of black clay and texture the hair using a needle tool. Put some liquid sculpey on the head and place the mohawk on the head. Cut off any excess clay at the back of the head.

For the beard, make an inverted triangular shape and place it below the nose and to the side of the face. Use a ball tool and make an oval indent on the beard for the lips. Shape an oval tan colored clay and place that in the indented part of the beard. Shape 2 oval black clay for the eyebrows and place that above the eyes. Texture both the beard and eyebrows.

Step 4: Body, Arms, Clothing

Make a cone shape and slice off the tapered end. Flatten 2 balls for his breasts.

For his skirt, I used a strip of caramel colored clay and placed that below the breasts.

For the belt, I used a strip of red clay and placed that on top of the skirt.

Make 2 elongated shapes for the upper limbs and use a needle tool to indent the palm of his hand.

For his cuff, make a rope of gold clay and place that on both arms.

Place the head on the body using a piece of wire.

Step 5: Hog

Wrap the foil armature with pink clay making the elongated body of the hog. Make a cone shape for the head and attach to the body using a piece of wire and blend the seams with a silicone shaper.

Use a ball stylus to indent the eye sockets, and nostrils. Fill 2 balls of white clay for the eyes and 2 tiny balls of brown clay for the pupils.

I made indentations with a wire loop underneath the eyes and the snout.

For the ears, flatten 2 triangular pieces of clay. Pinch one end, cut it, then attach to the sides of the head and blend the seams.

For the legs, stick 4 pieces of wires and attach 4 elongated pieces of clay blending the seams. Flatten 2 balls of clay and attach that above the hind legs.

For the tail, place a small snake of clay and blend the top part.

Finally for the horn, stick a piece of wire horizontally underneath the snout and place 2 curved cone shapes on each side.

Step 6: Grass Base and Details

For the grass, I'm flattening it with an acrylic roller and picking at it with a needle tool to simulate grass. I then used liquid sculpey to attach the hog to the base.

Before placing the rider on the hog, I stick a wire on top of the hog and placed both of his legs on each side. Then I attach the rider on top, again adding some liquid sculpey.

Lastly for the hammer, I mixed a small amount of black to white to achieve a light grey color. I shaped this into a cylinder and attached 2 cone shapes on each side. I hid the seams with a strip of gold clay. I inserted a wire in a rod shape of brown clay for the handle, and attached it to the hammer. I placed the hammer on his right hand with liquid sculpey or you can use wire to attach it to the side of the hog.

Bake the figurine according to your clay's instructions. This time I used Premo clay so I baked mine at 130 degrees celsius for 45 minutes.

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