Introduction: Home Cinema DIY

All the instructions included in the video for all people that are into detailed instructions read the whole thing with the detailed 'blueprint' at the very end ;)


Step 1: What Do We Need for the Project.

1. A pvc pipe. Around 1 inch in diameter.

2. A pair of snips

3. One plastic arrow with a pink sucker

4. A drill with a drill bit slightly bigger than the arrow diameter

5. A Sony BX112 Digital Recorder and loads of sellotape

6. A bed with a head board panel

7. 15 minutes of free time

Step 2: The Hard Work

A now you will have to drill two holes in your pvc pipe on the opposite sides of it. The wholes must be slightly misaligned around 0/5 of an inch. Cut the top of the arrow at 45 degree angle so it easily slides thought the misaligned holes. Install the arrow in such a way that it has smaller angle to the longer part of the pvc pipe. Make sure that it moves only when a bit of force is applied. You shouldn't be able to slide it freely.

Step 3: Hard Manual Labour

Please attach the Sony BX112 Digital dictaphone to the bed head board panel in such a way that it creates a support for the pvc pipe forcing it to be installed at around 25 degree angle.

Attach your computing device to the pink sucker. You can lick the sucker to get better suction. Set the arrow at desired position. Plug in your head phones and enjoy your day.

Step 4: This Is the Experience Your Should Get ;)

And here it is the ready made home cinema experience. That is much better than the Japanese mode where your stick your head into a cardboard box ;)

If you need more sound you can always go for additional speakers, big speakers!

Step 5: For Technical People

And here it is a detailed project of the Home Cinema ;)

I hope you liked my video stay tuned for more, and share it if u like it.