Introduction: Home Made Hacky Sacks

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Hacky sacks are fun toys to play with. In this Instructable, I will show you how to create one with 4 materials that you have around your house. But credit is due first. I would like to thank Grant Thompson The King of Random for the inspiration of the design, not the actual thing.

Step 1: Materials Needed

The materials needed are

  1. Balloons (I used three latex balloons) (The balloons do not need to be latex.)
  2. Uncooked rice, small pebbles, anything small and round
  3. Paper (For a funnel)
  4. Scissors

Step 2: Funnel the Rice

Use the paper and create a funnel with the paper. The end of the funnel should be bigger than your ring finger. Slowly pour rice in until the rice reaches the part where the balloon neck begins. Take the funnel out and knot the balloon carefully without any rice spilling out. Push the knot down tight. Snip the top of the balloon off so only the knot and the rice filled part of the balloon remains.

Step 3: Layer 2

The next layer is for protection so if the first layer pops, not as much will spill out. Cut the top and about a 1/3 of the circular part of the ballon. Put it on the first balloon like a swim cap. There! Extra protection.

Step 4: Layer 3: Decore

Cut your next balloon however you want. Just make sure that the hole from the second layer is covered somewhat.

Step 5: Done!

There, your homemade hackysack is now complete! Thanks again to the King of Random for the inspiration.

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